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01.jpg Life is full of opportunities and challenges. It is but human nature to focus more on the challenges and pull oneself down. It has been imbued through thousands of negatives being highlighted across contacts, media and other expositions the human mind is subjected to.
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01.jpg However, in India, we have ample other reasons to get motivated. Get ourselves up and running. Gather the strength to fight challenges. Motivation, as Zig Ziglar, the world renowned trainer puts it, is like bathing, you need it everyday. In India, through a series of festivals, most of which have a very believable mythical story behind it, we get lessons reiterated to us that fill us with a sense and ability to stand up with courage and try one more time.
Like Dusherra where we celebrate the victory of truth over Evil, we get repeated the lesson where if we are good we will ultimately come out winning. Similarly, take the case of upcoming Diwali, the Festival of light, where we celebrate home coming of Lord Ram. It is for many of us who remain outdoors for work and other purposes. It tells us to spend quality time with family. It teaches us the importance of family bonding.
For business houses, the same applies in another aspect. We try to reestablish and make relations stronger through smart gifting and now of course through usage of social media and chat facilities available made by technology.
Further along the line comes our relationship with employees. Diwali time is celebrated with gifts and the unmentioned rule of Bonus that is the 13th salary that is gladly given by company owners to its employees. In a poor country like ours this 13th salary means a lot to lot many people.
We, at Build Avenue would like to wish all our readers a very happy Diwali and the Gujarati brethren a very happy new year as well.
Stay Enlightened this Diwali.