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01.jpg As the month saw nature fury through tremendous rains in most parts of India, Morbi, the ceramic capital was lashed with whooping rains never before witnessed in the region.
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01.jpg Rains played a havoc, specially in rural and underdeveloped villages around Morbi. Its fury then shifted to North Gujarat, again where there are a number of ceramic units established.
This was the time, corporate social responsibility of companies in ceramic sector needed to come up and show their social concern. This was the question they needed to answer.
Most of the entrepreneurs hail from one or the other village near Morbi or Himmatnagar. This makes it an emotional call to help their birth places as well. Did the corporate respond positively?
It is heartening to mention that many companies in the region came forward with resources. Many with lots of fund to help the needy. Many companies got together under some or the other NGO to arrange for food packets.
It was even better to see some of them coming in person with teams of their staff to help people who were in trouble. With an experience in good entrepreneurship, administration and execution abilities do get sharpened. People were beneficial from the supervisory help of these businessmen as well.
It was even more praiseworthy when employees in the sector come forward to help in whatever manner they could.
It is these times that test the will and intentions of business houses. It should always be remembered that businesses survive for the society and whatever they do for the society never goes unrewarded. May this attitude last for decades to come.