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01.jpg “All Change is not progress, but all progress is change”
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01.jpg It has been normally seen that every change that comes about or we bring about is expected to be progressive. However, this is a very limiting and insufficient concept. There are changes that are bought about more out of our desire or an idea that we feel is extraordinary, but does not have the market leverage we expect it to have. Just because the founder of the idea is emotionally attached with it, he will go about implementing the change fueled by his idea.
There are times when no productive thinking of socialism or the like bring about a change without proper thought, largely motivated by non business factors. These ideas seem very attractive and community serving, but they do not have the progressive thinking behind it. The thinking rather is taking business and economy backwards rather than forward. This too is change that cannot lead to progress.
For an entrepreneur or a businessman, the ideas or practices that do not lead to progress, changes that infinitesimally effect productivity or progress are the ones to ignore as fast as possible. This should not be done out of fear but rather out of clear analysis and specific factoring. Weighing pros and cons, calculating tangible and intangible investments, understanding its effects in the market, all form a part of analysis. Holistic perspective of change is more important than the minute or single factored result sought out in the change.
At times internal office politics and one up-manship kill an idea that is worth implementing. This is why bigger companies develop teams and idea pools where all ideas are pooled so none of them get ignored just due to mentality and attitude of a few limiting individuals.
So, the next time you hear, “change brings progress..” make sure to analyze for yourself, how the change will bring progress.